The Surreal Posters of Frieder Grindler

Frieder Grindler is a German artist who is well-known for his surreal and avant garde poster design. He is a pioneer of graphic design, and his posters – mostly done for theatres and opera houses – are stunningly weird and wonderful. He began in the mid-60s, and while his vintage works are very much products of their time, their visuals also transcend time, and you can see the impact of his work on modern day graphic design. You can pickup a hardcover biography of his poster art here, and enjoy a selection of his pieces below…

Images via Door Of Perception

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    Brian Conrad

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    Heather Truitt

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    Gaear Grimsrud

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    yes! he is one of germany’s design legends. if you like his works, i recommend you check out gunter rambow:

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    Andy Chinaloy

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