Sonic Cathedrals CIV
Curated by Corrupt Moral Altar

Get ready for some sonic terror, because CVLT Nation is unleashing Sonic Cathedrals Vol. CIV today, curated by Corrupt Moral Altar! This mix is sure to bring some angst into your day today in the best way possible! Now hit play below and download for your listening pain!


Sonic Cathedrals CIV Curated by Corrupt Moral Altar Track List

In It for Life – Extreme Noise Terror (E.N.T/Filthkick Split)
Classic E.N.T what more can you ask for – punk as fuck.

The World Keeps Turning – Napalm Death (Utopia Banished)
 There are just so many classic ND songs, so went for one of the first ones I heard, still sounds powerful today.

Destroy The Opposition – Dying Fetus (Destroy The Opposition) 
Speaks for itself really, brutal technical death metal at its finest.

Ikaruga – Discordance Axis – (D.A./324/Corrupted Split)
 We couldn’t pick a track from their Inalieneable Dreamless album since they are all so fucking good, so instead opted for their final recorded track.

Lizard-Skin Barbie – Burnt By the Sun – (Burnt By the Sun EP)
 A big influence On CxMxA, this came out before Dave Witte joined Municipal Waste, such a shame they split up.

Handed to you – Outbreak (Failure)
 We could have picked any track from “Failure”.

Screaming At A Wall – Minor Threat (Minor Threat: Complete Discography) 
Minor Threat! They managed to get one of the worst and most amazing guitar tones at the same time, utter brilliance. Everyone should own their complete discography.

Throne Of Blood – Look Back And Laugh (S/T #2) 
Another band that died out too quick, named after the classic Minor Threat song.

Lock Up The Poor – Assert (Insurrection Rocks)
 I was a huge Assert fan growing up, they had that sense of urgency.

Won’t Be Denied – Stampin’ Ground (Demons Run Amok)
 From Stampin Ground’s first album. The punk roots show through more on this first record.

Dukes Of Nothing – Iron Monkey (Ruined By Idiots: Live And Unleashed) 
Such a shame they never recorded a third album. These live tracks showed what direction they were headed in before they split up, which was so angry and pissed off. One of our biggest Influences.

I Hate You – Grief (Come To Grief) 
Not enough people listen to Grief, that guitar rumble…

Pass Some Down – Brutal Truth (Kill Trend Suicide) 
Brutal Truth! I love the sound of this EP. The riffs are just all over the fucking place.

Godly Beings – Obituary (Slowly We Rot)
 Had to have at least one Obituary song on here. Ugggg!

Thrones of Blood – Suffocation (Pierced From Within) 
SLAM! One of the tightest death metal bands ever. Truly crushing live. 
A huge influence on our slower sections on the upcoming CxMxA album.

Drunk With Power – Discharge (Hear Nothing See Nothing Say Nothing)

Hitchhiker – Macabre (Dahmer) The whole Dahmer album is amazing, the way they switch from crushing chugging to manic speed.

Landfills Of Extinct Possibility – Agoraphobic Nosebleed (The Poacher Diaries) 
The songs on this release sounded completely different to everything doing the rounds at the time, world ending aggression.

Brainwashed – Nuclear Assault (Survive) 
Catchy as fuck, crossover at its best.

They – From Ashes Rise (Nightmares LP) 
The dischordant guitar harmonies on all From Ashes Rise material is still mind blowing.

Bringin’ It Down – Judge (What It Meant: The Complete Discography)
 I am not straight edge but have always respected it and have been a big fan of many early sXe bands. Such passion and hatred no matter what the message.

Lightswitch – Black Army Jacket (222) 
Another great Dave Witte band who never got the attention they deserved.

Ripped In Half – Armour Of God (Armour Of God/3rd Stone split)
 Armour Of God were awesome! Such a shame they only did 3 tracks before they split and Johnny Morrow passed away.

The Scourge – Erosion (Thoughts) 
Not enough people have heard of Erosion, pure aggro German Thrash/HxC. Thoughts was their best record.

Not Even Phased – Spazz (Crush Kill Destroy)
 Could have picked any Spazz track from Crush Kill Destroy, another really big influence.

Strange Soup – Capitalist Casualties (Disassembly Line) 
Capitalist Casualties rule in every conceivable way.

Tax Evasion – Disgust (War Deterrent) 
Awesome Japanese D-Beat, they totally nailed the early ENT sound!

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