Seven Stories…Rian

Photographer: Rian
Based in: Athens, Greece


This was shot in the lot of an abandoned airport in the area I live. I met with my friend Paul who often models for me and we waited until it got dark. We grabbed a flashlight and all the cameras and started shooting all over the place.


Another photo from the same day at the airport. We found something like a little storage room. The floor was covered with a pile of clothes and a rope was hanging from the ceiling.


Sometimes when it’s late at night and I can’t sleep I get creative and photograph myself. I don’t have a “professional equipment” but the curtains and a reading lamp work fine for me.


The second autoportrait I shot that night.


Lately I’m experimenting with long and double exposures. This is my favourite photo so far.


Last summer I was taking part in a group exhibition and I had to do many different shoots in a week because I was late as always, so I met with a friend who would model for me in an abandoned house in my neighborhood. I shot several photos with my digital camera and I was very disappointed with the results. Before it went completely dark I shot this one photo with my film camera, and it was the perfect one unlike all the digitals. I took part in the exhibition with that photo.


A couple of months ago I went to visit my aunt that turned 100 years old! She let me walk around the house and take photos. That chandelier is hanging from the ceiling of her living room.

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