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Chaos Raids U.S.A. Tour Mixtape I by 1349

Compiled for CVLT Nation by Ravn of 1349

I have compiled a list of songs that would be good to listen to before going out to a metal concert or just to out to drink, and that at the same time take me down a musical memory lane. And it goes like this:

 10 – Black Sabbath – Black Sabbath: To start with the beginning, this was one of the first songs I can remember where I felt an omnipresent darkness, and the tingling feeling of euphoria combined with grimness. IOW, the formula for what was to become a benchmark for my definition of Black Metal.

 9 – Rainbow – Stargazer: Yet another childhood memory where the performance of the band is so breathtaking and the quality of the sound so good that you are left with a feeling that if you can manage to get within 10% of these guys, you have come a long way. A benchmark in performance and production of heavy music.

 8 – Motörhead – Burner: While I really like the classic line up and songs from early Motörhead, this song really took me by surprise and is so aggressive and relentless that it have become my favorite Motörhead song. RIP Phil and Lemmy.

 7 – The Devil’s Blood – Wings of Gloria: To hold on to the 70’s spirit, I have chosen one from the myriads of 70 retro occult bands that started showing up some years back. I normally prefer the original 70’s bands, but when a band does it so good and true like The Devil’s Blood did, then I gladly embrace it and salut it. This band and its mastermind had such a great understanding and natural approach to the style, and made it a natural sound in this millennia as well.

 6 – Bathory – Call From the Grave: Enter the 80’s, and the only good thing about it – the metal music. Bathory is in many ways the blueprint for Scandinavian Black Metal, and set all the parameters later embraced by any band that wanted to sound like Scandinavian Black Metal. The sound, performance, aura and mystique are all there, ready to inspire a generation of musicians.

5 – Hellhammer – Revelations of Doom: Just like Bathory, Hellhammer also made a blueprint, and with it the groove and authentication of people that are playing their hearts out – probably what inspired me the most, and still does to this day.

 4 – Slayer – Hell Awaits: A band you can’t get around when you wanna bring that evil grin to your face. Slayer’s aggressive and relentless thrash metal was a revelation for me first time I heard it, and that it still hold up today is even more impressive. SLAYER!

 3 – Thorns – Underneath the Universe, Pt 2: Time to go to Norway, and the world’s most underrated Black Metal band. Thorns have always gone their own way and created their own expression, and they are probably my favorite Norwegian BM band if you count quality, variation and progression. Always worth the wait to hear what this guy comes up with next.

 2 – Celtic Frost – Domain of Decay: That this band showed up should be no surprise, and Celtic Frost’s place in the history of Black Metal is not possible to get around. Of course it is the first three albums that most people think of when it comes to musical quality, but as a Celtic Frost fan, I must admit that their most complete and best composed album is Monotheist.

1 – Burzum – Jesus Tod: Since the first time I heard Burzum, I was a fan of his music, and Black Metal as a musical style had a reference point for me. This song in general, since the first time I heard it, has been my favorite Black Metal song of all time, and is the natural closing to this list.



1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Leonard

    January 7, 2016 at 10:53 am

    Great list!!

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