Sacrocurse – Destroying Chapels Review + Full Stream

It wasn’t long ago when I had reviewed Sacrocurse’s demo for another zine. After releasing their debut full-length album, Unholier Master, for Hell’s Headbangers Records, they have once more struck down hordes of Five Finger Death Punch fans in the faces with their latest offering, Destroying Chapels.

Destroying Chapels is a four song EP, and if you loved any of Sacrocurse’s certified kvlt releases, Destroying Chapels is certain to put a smile on your face.

They retain their fast as fukk black metal attack, and this time around, they sound a little bestial/war metal to boot. The traditional recipe for songs is still the bible here. They blast out of the gate, transition, play a mid-tempo mosh riff, then blast some more. They don’t strictly follow the same recipe per song. As track two, Sacrocurse Temple, ends with the mid-tempo riff instead of the tremolo riff and blastbeat. Sacrocurse are as intense as ever. From track one to track four, they annihilate underground fans jaded with acts bordering on samish.

Clearly, album highlight is less-pulverizing but tons more catchy track four, album closer Total Destruction ( A Bathory Cover). It sounds like 80’s first wave death thrash to me. The band may not blast on this track much more than on all previous tracks, but headbangers should love the sound of Total Destruction’s nuanced and memorable songwriting.

Label: Iron Bonehead Productions




It’s the longest track on the album, running for four minutes plus, pureeing your ears into bloody pulp while mashing your brains into Hannibal Lecter’s choice of soup. All tracks are good here, and I may keep an open mind about bands that play more melody, but this is where I am most comfortable – Sacrocurse don’t hiccup in four tracks destined for your vinyl collection.

The leads wail into the Armageddon, and some of them are pretty decent for some guitar hero lovers of divebomb solos. The vocals are nasty, raspy, and refrain from vocal acrobatics. Instead, they sound absolutely Vomitchapel, only better.

Sacrocurse may not sweep accolades and year-end lists, but this is another album to add credence to their kvlt as fukk discography. If you want to know what sort of music keeps the underground as pristine as pig slop these days, you will want to hear this four song wonder-of-wonders.


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  1. Michael
    February 19, 2016 at 9:31 pm — Reply

    Have you listened to Bathory’s The Return…?

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